Different types of live music to consider at your wedding

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Your wedding is an exciting time. Whether you are going for a modern ceremony, a traditional style wedding, or creating a special theme just for your big day… your wedding should reflect you. With so much to think about, you might forget certain elements – such as the soundtrack to your day.

One of the biggest considerations when thinking about your wedding reception is what music you want to have. Choosing the right wedding band is imperative for setting the mood, and making sure the party is exactly as you want it to be.

But what should you consider when choosing a wedding band? And what types of live music are available to you?

What to think about

Before you decide to book your live music, you should bear certain considerations in mind – aside from what your favourite kind of music is, of course!

For example, you should check out whether your venue has any restrictions on what type of live music or entertainment is welcome there, including size and volume. On a more personal level, you should also consider what kind of music your guests will like. Choosing music that appeals to every taste might be impossible, but your band should play songs with a broad appeal to entertain everyone.

Thoughts on theme

If you have a theme for your wedding, then it follows that your music should fit with your theme. For example, if you are setting your wedding around a roaring 20s theme, you may want to choose a traditional jazz band. A traditional wedding may be better off with live classical music with a string quartet, or something simple and beautiful such as a harpist with a DJ for later.

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Outdoor weddings

There are as many options for live music as there are types of weddings – maybe more! A wedding with an outdoorsy theme will suit a more folk-based musical approach, with a band who will still be able to play the songs everyone knows and loves with a gentle twist. A wedding set near a beach or with a seaside theme might be best paired with simple guitar music, rather than a full band.

Music-based themes

If you are a music lover, you may choose to base your wedding around a musical theme. With a festival or even rock and roll theme, you could choose an upbeat indie rock band that can get everyone dancing the night away (bear in mind those venue restrictions, though).

Perhaps you are a lover of all things retro – an 80s theme could be heavily music inspired. You could hire either a tribute band that covers the discography of your favourite 80s legend, or a more generally era-inspired band that will play songs from a specific time period. If you’re going for a 1920s theme, for example, there’s nothing better than a full jazz band to transport your guests to that era.

Whatever your wedding theme (or lack thereof), there is a wide range of live music out there to choose from. Make sure you select the type of music that will suit your wedding, meet the tastes of your guests, and keep you in the party mood all night long.

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