Alison Cowell

Ivory tulle wedding dress by Felicity Westmacott: thank you letter

There is only one word to describe my wedding dress and that is : perfect! I am so grateful I had you to make my dress.

The wonderful thing about having your dress designed for you, is that it can be exactly what you want and will be unique to who you are!

I was absolutely overwhelmed with the thought, time and attention-to-detail that Felicity devoted to making it! When you think how personal your special day is, what could be more wonderful than to have your dress personalised as well. Felicity’s work is exceptional!

…Just a note to say a huge thank you! I truly love my wedding dress, you are very talented and I promise to send you a photo!
Wishing you all the best, Alison

Felicity Westmacott

I write about all aspects of weddings, dressmaking, fashion history, and the human relation to clothing. I welcome comments and debate.

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