Vicky Tyler

Dear Felicity, I know I’ve thanked you in lots of ways but I just wanted to write to say what a truly talented girl you are. You took my design and from day one made me feel like you were so passionate about it ? so sure of where you were going with it I felt totally at ease. I loved coming to your house and sharing everything form fabric samples to life stories with you and the final product ? simply breathtaking. I have had so many compliments on the dress ? all that detail and though paid off! I wish you every bit of success with your business and with the arrival of your beautiful new baby. Thank you a million times.

Rachel Tyler (Vicki’s mum) wrote: Vicki is so thrilled with her dress-every bit as pleased with how it has all come together as she planned. It would be lovely to see you at the church if you are free. Finally and far too late I get around to writing to you. Your creation for Vicki was just so utterly perfect and so right for her. She looked exactly how she had hoped to and I know it was far beyond her hopes and dreams. You took so much care and of course it showed. The fit was perfect, it moved as she moved and the ooh’s and ahh’s said it all. I do so hope your pregnancy goes well and you have an easy time. Enjoy being a mum! With greatest thanks and best wishes

Felicity Westmacott

I write about all aspects of weddings, dressmaking, fashion history, and the human relation to clothing. I welcome comments and debate.

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