Veiled Wisdom? Outdated Wedding Advice for ‘Mature’ Brides

Grey haired mature bride in bespoke sequin dress with organza coat

With thanks to Millie Fuller for this guest article

The average age women are getting married at is 35, yet a ‘mature bride’ is considered to be
past 40. It’s true, we may not be as soft, dewy – or however else the industry describes us –
as we were when we were 18. But what we are, is mature.

And by that, we don’t mean ‘mature bride’… we mean aged like a fine wine. Today, we’re
here to tell you that 40 isn’t old, and it’s certainly nothing to worry about when planning
your day.

Because the concerns are all too common. From feeling like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ or
‘trying too hard’, we’ve seen it all. Is there a rule somewhere that says women of a certain age shouldn’t have seven bridesmaids and a wedding dress with a train 2 miles long? According to these websites
there is.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the worst advice for brides to be, and the best.
*quotes are re-worded to preserve anonymity of both the people and websites

What we say: No matter your age, it’s hard for any bride to look ‘bad’ on her big day. It’s an
event filled with warmth and happiness, and this will practically radiate from you. If you
want the princess dress of your dreams, do it. In the wider scheme of things, all it comes
down to is what you feel comfortable with!

What we say: Whether its marriage 1, 2 or 10… 200 or 20 guests, here or beyond, it’s your
day. It’s a time to celebrate your relationship and make some wonderful promises to each
other. Why would you not make the most of it while you can?

What we say: The question you want to ask yourself, is why should we be discouraged from
looking lovely? Some may want to stick to wedding traditions, but we’re free to pull away.
After all, rules are made to be broken.

Mature bride in a boat on the thames with bubbles and bouquet
See more of Suzanne’s bespoke, hand beaded dress and bolero

Physically we may not feel as ‘fresh’ but that doesn’t mean we’re past our prime. In fact,
quite the opposite. We exude confidence that comes with experience. We know our minds.
Best of all, we worked to get here. Those lines? The smiles, the laughs, and the memories.
Those scars? The tears, tantrums, and pain. We’re not flawless. Noone is. But on our day,
we’ll radiate beauty no matter our age.

So what of the advice for ‘mature’ brides? For those still anxious, we offer you this – shop for
your shape, not your age. Trust your instincts and, most of all, simply enjoy it.

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