Wedding Dress Trends 2020 for brides to be

Here are my predictions for wedding dress trends in 2020. Where do your favourite style elements fit in todays fashion-cycle?

Some people think wedding dresses are timeless and don’t change as fast as other fashion, but this is not true at all. In all fashion cycles you get the fashion-forward styles, that are breaking new ground and bucking current convention. These might be too avant-garde for some brides-to-be. Then a slightly tamer version of last season’s high style is the fashionable but safe sort of wedding dress that appeals to lots of brides. Some really flattering styles might hang on for years and possibly enter the ‘classic’ bracket in people’s minds. While other styles go through that ‘looks dated but not yet vintage’ unappealing limbo of around 15-20 years old. Eventually even those styles that looked dated cycle round again into both vintage and new-fashion forward designs.

New styles for the fashion-forward, 2020 bride .

Brides wanting to push the boundaries of fashion will be seeking volume in their sleeves with organza or tulle balloon sleeves. These can be separates to be removed later for a different look during your wedding day. Trousers are a good way to be both comfortable but rock the bridal wear boat at the same time. I made loose leg, silk crepe trousers with side splits for a flash of elegant leg, for my model Evie, at our Indian Summer photoshoot. Modest necklines are a backlash from all the sheer and plunge bodices that have been around in the last few years. For wedding dress trends 2020 sometimes less is just more!

Wedding dress trends from this decade for 2020

Lots of brides in 2019 and 2020 will be wearing illusion back styles. Illusion bodices are made with invisible mesh to match your skin tone (I dye it to match exactly). They usually have delicate or bold lace applique that appears to float on your naked skin. White is the colour that looks modern and fresh for 2020. Last fashionable in the late 1980’s bright white has come full circle as a contrast to the warm ivories of earlier this decade. Slim fit and fishtail (or mermaid as they call in in the US) skirt shapes are still very popular. This shape flatters brides of any size, who have a little bit of fashionable bottom curve to show off!

Flatteringly versatile styles from the 2010’s

Styles that became popular over the last decade that haven’t disappeared yet include sweetheart necklines. lace sleeves and the natural waistline. There is a reason these particular style elements have stuck around as they flatter many body shapes. The sweetheart neckline gives the illusion of more shape to those with a small bust. And is the perfect balance between revealing and modest for those who are more well endowed. Lace sleeves have given the coverage many larger size or older brides craved; while also looking romantically pretty for brides who wanted something different to the strapless dresses of the decade before. Natural waistlines were not popular at all in the early 2000’s becoming fashionable again around 2011 with the resurgence of 1950’s vintage styling. A pretty ribbon sash, beaded belt or subtle lace scallop will highlight your figure’s narrowest point.

Classic wedding dress trends for 2020?

These styles were at their height 12-15 years ago but are still popular with many brides. And of course the fashion-forward brides of five years time will reclaim them, as a contrast to the current trends. Flirty 1950’s skirt shapes with a ballerina or knee length hem were the new hip thing when the trend for ‘vintage’ was at it’s height. The strapless, straight across neckline was controversial and fashion-forward in the late nineties before being pretty standard bridal design in the early 2000’s. Ruched fabric detail was considered flattering and added texture to plainer wedding dresses but have been waning in popularity among brides in the last few years. They’ll come back again though, these things always come round the fashion cycle!

A new bride for 2020 or 2021?

Wedding dress trends for 2020 are much wider than I can fit into one blog post. I’d love to hear your ideas! Are you are a fashion-forward bride wanting to surprise your guests with something they’ve never seen before? Or a classic bride who hopes her dress won’t look dated in photographs? Either way you should always dress to please yourself first. Check out my blog post about not worrying too much what other’s think . I pride myself on understanding fashion’s cycle and being somewhat outside it. I love all the styles and would be privileged to help you design your perfect dress.

Email me now to enquire about a bespoke wedding dress and enjoy all your wedding plans!

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