Your Wedding Dress and Coronavirus

Your dress and your health are not comparable but are both very important to me. In light of the developing situation I have worked I have a plan for your wedding dress and coronavirus.

It’s important to me to accommodate everyone’s needs. I want you to feel confident and supported whether you choose to defer or go ahead with a wedding in this time of crisis . I am taking many precautions and am committed to maintaining a high standard of service to all my clients who have already booked.

*******UPDATE 23rd June********

In light of the recent government announcement I am happy to be able to offer in person appointments to current and new clients from July 1st. However I encourage all clients to consider if their visit is essential, many questions can be answered by email, phone or video-call. In person consultations and fittings after this date will follow my guidelines below. As the situation develops I will further defer meetings or relax my measures accordingly.


Except where they clash directly with the special measures below my usual T&C still apply. Your wedding dress and coronavirus can both happen!

Limiting my client meetings

The earliest date clients can book to visit is July 1st. If the situation changes we may have to defer these meetings too. New clients visit this page for more information or to book a consultation.

In general do NOT visit me if you are self isolating due to symptoms indicative of coronavirus, or if a member of your household, or a recent social contact is showing symptoms. 

Safety measures

If you do visit me you will be asked not to bring anyone else with you, small children who cannot be cared for safely elsewhere are excepted. We will both wear masks and you will be invited to wash your hands on arrival. I will have taken the now usual measure of cleaning light switches and door handles etc before your arrival. If it is a consultation we will try to stay 2m apart as much as possible. Fittings are situations where proximity cannot be avoided so I will always be wearing gloves to help avoid skin to skin contact.

Though I hope the above would be a given, it’s as well to set it out in black and white.

New Timescales for Booked Clients

Weddings between now and November

Your sewing window will be moved as close to the wedding date as possible. For example if your wedding was planned for early September and we were going to make or alter your dress in June we will defer the sewing until mid/late August. 

It may be that your wedding is postponed at the last minute, in which case we will have avoided the unnecessary contact and fittings. And if your wedding goes ahead I will pull out all the stops to meet the deadline in the tighter timeframe. I am very good at working to a deadline, I will not let you down! I anticipate that other clients will have cancelled/deferred so there will be plenty of sewing time for the clients remaining.

Bespoke Commissions

Bespoke clients not planning to defer until after September would normally have 3-5 fittings over several months. I will reduce this to two fittings and a collection only. 

To replace the first visit, your measurement session will take place remotely. I have made a ‘how to measure’ video with lots of guidance. If any of your measurements look suspect I’ll ask you to repeat, or organise a video call so I can watch the measurement being taken. I will post you a measuring tape if you don’t own one. This can take place on the originally proposed timescale, or even sooner! I will then be able to draft your pattern and make the toile (practice run), so progress will be made. 

You will then have two or three in-person fittings only, closer to the wedding date. One in the ‘toile (practice run)’ so that any changes needed can be noted. The second and last fitting in real fabrics will be a week or 10 days later each with the last to pin the hem length as the final step. These fittings will be enough for me to make you a garment every bit as perfect as I would always do. I will have to be super organised but this is my forte!

Refunds: I am 100% committed to supporting all my booked clients with whatever decision they make in regard to their wedding date.  If you choose to go ahead with a wedding before August but feel the tighter timeframe and reduced fitting offering is not suitable we can mutually break the contract. I regret I will no longer be able to undertake your work but I will of course refund your deposit less any costs already incurred (fabrics bought, time worked etc).

Wedding Dress Alterations:

Alteration clients visiting before October will now be limited to ONE in-person fitting and a collection date.

You will visit with your dress 2-3 weeks days before your wedding. I will pin and mark all the changes and do the work inside a 2 week timeframe. You will collect your dress at the door without trying it on. I am VERY good at what I do and almost always get things spot-on first time. If, when you try the dress on at home, you find things are unmanageably not right, you can visit again and I will make a correction while you wait. I would not make these stipulations if I was not 100% sure I can offer the same high level of service even with these restrictions in place.

Refunds: I am 100% committed to supporting all my booked clients with whatever decision they make in regard to their wedding date. If you choose to go ahead with a wedding before August but feel the tighter timeframe and single fitting offering is not suitable we can mutually break the contract. I regret I will no longer be able to undertake your work but I will of course refund your deposit.

Repeating my reassurances for your wedding dress and coronavirus.

All this is, of course, subject to change as the global pandemic continues to develop. Your wedding dress and coronavirus are not mutually exclusive.

I hope this message will help you feel supported and safer in whatever decision you make regarding your wedding date.

The wedding supplier community is working hard to ensure everyone stays safe despite the financial hit of cancellations and postponements. We are all preparing for extra capacity in 2021 so that couples can feel supported in their decisions to defer. 

I realise my proposals might not suit everyone. My ideal clients are those whose outlook at this time is similar to my own, as well as who chose me for my design style and skill. I hope therefore you will appreciate my caution and even find it an encouraging reason to be patient and wait to see me. 

If you have any concerns or worries regarding my plans for your personal safety when you visit, or the new timeframe proposals, please do get in touch by email or phone. Individual schedules will be proposed to existing and new clients to suit current guidelines.

Things are different, but my ability to make your dress perfect remains the same. I look forward to working with you sooner or later as the developing situation permits! A perfect dress will bring a smile to your face, let’s keep that at the front or our minds and find the positive everywhere we can!

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